A message has been sent to subscribers

I’ve just sent a message to subscribers; please check your email. Thanks, Ellis

4 thoughts on “A message has been sent to subscribers

    • Hi Mike, thanks for commenting mate; glad you like it. I’m on the mend ta; hoping all’s good with you too.
      I’d love to speak at BUFOG again some time; it’s a terrific group.
      Cheers, and say hi from me please.


  1. That’s great to hear Ellis. I will say hello, we are on a Kinver skywatch this Saturday. Just wondering if you are attending the Warminster ‘Thing’ conference next month? I have book a two night camping pitch in Warminster to fully appreciate the event! Think a few from BUFOG may be making the trip too. It be great to see you there mate and to enjoy a skywatch (and a few beers!)


    • It would be lovely to go and meet up with you and some other friends, but I can’t see me making it unfortunately. I’m sure it’ll be a crackin’ event. Enjoy yourself Mike.
      Here’s a link to the conference if anyone reading this fancies attending: http://www.warminster2015.uk/


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