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ellis an indomitable spirit

Ellis – An Indomitable Spirit – The Documentary

An excerpt from a documentary based on the many lives of Ellis Taylor, writer, alien abductee, experiencer, tarot practitioner and maverick Numerosymbologist. This film tells of his encounters and interactions with the Otherworlds and the ‘Others’ that inhabit them. It also details Ellis’ determination to expose the Invisible Darkness that lies within the shadowlands and the shadow government organisations. Ellis is also featured in the upcoming series Don’t Mention the Reptilians.


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Ellis Taylor's Presentations

New Horizons

Ellis at New Horizons

On Monday, 30th November, 2015

I will be speaking at The Community Centre, St. Alban’s Road, St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea, Lancashire. FY8 1XD

For New Horizons:

Doors open 7.30 PM for FREE refreshments – 8.00 PM start

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News and Features

24th November

News and features


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The Syrian crisis has just seen a drastic escalation in the potential for what could essentially turn into World War 3 with the NATO bloc engaging in direct military confrontation with the Russian alliance. Only hours ago, Turkey announced that it shot down a Russian jet, a claim confirmed by the Russian government shortly thereafter.
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet; Emergency NATO Meeting Called

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Ellis Taylor interviewed on the Peter Maxwell Slattery Show_ Interview 1

I suppose this interview with Peter Slattery about covers most of the subjects I write about.

Church Services: Three chilling tales. Part 3

St. Margaret’s church, Binsey, Oxfordshire

Midnight, and monks by candlelight

Although less than 2 miles from Oxford’s city centre St. Margaret’s is hidden behind trees and shrubbery at the end of a long and winding country lane. The church is a strange, isolated and moody little building sometimes welcoming and warm while at other times slightly sinister. It is lighted only by oil lamps and candles as it has no electricity supply. St. Margaret’s was once the living for a priest Jessie Willcox Smith's illustration of Alice surrounded by the characters of Wonderland (1923)called Nicholas Breakspear who became England’s only Pope, Adrian lV, in 1154. The church is also famous for its holy well and its legendary connection to St. Frideswide, the patron saint of Oxford. The Treacle Well today. Still a place of healing and pilgrimage for women finding it difficult to conceive.This was the ‘Treacle Well’ of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

One day a friend contacted me to tell me how he was reading Andrew Collins’ book, Twenty-first Century Grail and in it Andrew had reported on a trip to St. Margaret’s, Binsey following psychic clues whereupon he and his companions had found what they had been looking for – an engraved key. They had been told (by the spirit of Aleister Crowley, no less) to be there before midnight on St Frideswide’s feast day, the 19th October. While fossicking around, looking for the key, they were alarmed to witness 12 hooded figures moving through the churchyard, along the footpath, in procession, chanting lowly in Latin, before they entered the church to presumably conduct a ceremony. Collins and co didn’t hang around to find out.

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News and Features

22nd November

News and features

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Finally, there’s documented medical proof that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a real-time health issue that actually can be verified using standard medical procedures and testing capabilities.

An international group of researchers aced it when they published their findings from the clinical study “Metabolic and Genetic Screening of Electromagnetic Hypersensitive Subjects as a Feasible Tool for Diagnostics and Intervention” in the November 2014 issue of Mediators of Inflammation.
Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity from Microwave Technology Finally Medically Proven

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As you may know, only recently I joined Facebook. Last night I couldn’t get on to it. I had a message saying that it appears I’m a business, something else or a public person and so I have to have ‘a page’ instead.

Well, despite huge reservations and concerns with Arsebook, on the plus side, I’ve had friends requests from lots of interesting people and many more have become acquainted with my stuff. These days it’s a wilderness outside social media and for someone like me who is attempting to share the kind of information I do, hopeless without it, I’ve discovered.

However, it is a machine world totally devoid of choice in any meaningful way. The whole system runs on dictates ignored by those who grease its grinding mills with their life energy and personal data, and time.

Why do I have to have a page? Because Arsebook says so. I’d slipped into the abyss far enough but it wasn’t enough for the machine. Do I have a choice? Yes, I can leave it.



Church Services: Three chilling tales. Part 2

stmgarsSt. Mary’s church, Garsington, Oxfordshire

A message in blood

The lovely church of St Mary perches in a lofty position overlooking a south Oxfordshire vale where until recent times crop circles swept through the fields below most every summer. They stopped abruptly when she was clad about with a chastity belt of iron by English Heretics (Heritage), which interrupted the flow of the St Michael energy stream.


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Church Services: Three chilling tales. Part 1

This was originally a magazine article.



For me, exploring and experiencing strange lands and otherworlds are in my blood. The unusual is everyday for me, yet I have always maintained a healthy scepticism. My experiences confirm to me that not much (if anything) that we are pressed to believe in is true, or even, what it seems. Life is full of contradictions and I strongly suspect that this is how it is meant to be.

There are lots of things that have come to us via religion that I have the deepest respect and regard for. All religions hold elements of truth and vast stores of authentic wisdom. The best of them are simple truths, not hard to understand. Only three words, attributed to Christ, tell us about all that we need to do to experience paradise on Earth:


“Love one another.”

Then there are other teachings that have ridden in through religions carried in the saddlebags of conjured demons that cultivate the very opposite of love; and every despair and woe can be traced back to these. Basically they feed on people’s need for matter to matter, for their own matter to matter. From the fear of loss of standing to the dread of oblivion, the terror of death these ever looming inexorable spectres draw even more agents of the Darkness to prey insatiably on the unforgiving who pray for the unforgiven. Darkness breezes through every inch of this world when it likes and virtually unmolested even in the places human beings believe have been raised to praise the Light.

I’d like to share with you three personal stories of my own where I encountered dark inclinations and sinister agendas present at three different churches in rural England.

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