Sarah’s Painting

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sarahpayne1This painting was printed in the London Sun on Wednesday 5th July 2000. It is by Sarah Payne, a sarah_s_paintinglittle girl who disappeared from a country lane near Kingston Gorse, West Sussex, on 1st July 2000.

It hung in the classroom at her school, Bell Farm Junior School in Walton-on-Thames, near London. It is a remarkable piece of artwork. Continue reading



The ingredients of life are collected from a vast and tumultuous sea of (to us) invisible energy comprised of an unimaginable number of potential particles, all of them connected to each and every other in myriad multidimensional chains.

To form an expression of life, or being, or presence, certain of these potential particles are segregated from the others by severing one of their dimensional chains that connects those elements to every other. The number of particles that are netted depends upon what the Creator intends the creation to be, and do.

The chosen loosed particles (only disconnected on one level) are now, and according to the intended creation, brought together in certain patterns and formations beginning with the basic common physical (or necessary interactive) characteristics suited to the environment (the now) it will inhabit or be active in. After this, for a regenerative species, the physical genders are fashioned. These are Nature’s infrastructures.

Everything that happens to a being after this is intrusion, interference, or assistance by other than Nature, depending upon viewpoints and agendas – which? Depends upon viewpoints and agendas…and conditioning, indoctrination or programming.

One very persuasive, artificially (as in not innate) installed, programme is gender programming. Both genders, in their essential psychic attributes are equally perceptive, empathic, nurturing, and considerate but this has been undermined (under-mind) by generations of terror, entrainment, inducement, regulation, and beguilement by the Darkness and its casting couch…casting shadows over humans to confuse and conceal the wonders they are all truly capable of.

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26th July

Distant DNA links have been discovered between Aboriginal Australians and tribes living deep within the Amazon rainforest.

Researchers in the US and Denmark have established that people sharing DNA links with Aboriginal people crossed the Bering land bridge between Siberia and the Americas thousands of years ago.

Amazonians’ ancient links to Indigenous Australians

The second paragraph is not necessarily true, or the only reason for the presence of this DNA. – Ellis


Female Milab from Australia:

“A spiritual warrior is one who RESISTS any and all attempts at the corruption of their mind/soul matrix. A spiritual warrior does not follow the flow of the turbid stream of mediocrity, homogenization and annihilation. A spiritual warrior defends to the bitter end– individuality, humanity, innocence, truth, beauty and decency. This world is in dire need of more people who are willing to go to their grave for these principles.”

“To preface my two-part article and interview with Lilu, a female milab from Australia, I find it important to discuss a few important issues about the milab experience itself. My understanding of a milab is a genuine alien abductee who also remembers interactions with a military human element and/or a shadow government faction in or out of their alien encounters. The military presence may appear to be in collusion with aliens, and may also appear to be opposed to the alien agenda, for example when the abductee recalls being interrogated by the military about what transpired, in search of “alien technology” regarding their alien encounters. In short, a milab is:”

Eve Lorgan: A Pandora’s Box: A Two Part Article and Interview with a Female Milab “Abductee”


The sound quality of these two videos is unfortunately a bit of a trial but the content is mostly fascinating:

Earth Avalon


These beautiful creations are hand-crafted in the Lake District of Cumbria, Britain. Please visit Annabel’s website by clicking on the image below.


Earth Avalon

These inspired, unique and beautiful gift ideas, are hand-crafted with love, in Britain’s Lake District.


Called to Cares

It was a blissful, bright and sunny Easter morning and the blackbirds and robins had been singing since dawn. Kria, the buzzard, wheeled lazily in the unblemished sky, ravens rolled above the exalting treetops when, too acute to perceive with human ears, the familiar voice of the Goddess beckoned me to ‘the Sanctuary’.

In this world the Sanctuary is a pile of rocks on a mountain; in another it’s an impenetrable temple of the ancient and ageless goddess, Cares; tended by her priestesses and guarded by fierce and trans-dimensional warrior women.

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