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ellis an indomitable spirit

Ellis – An Indomitable Spirit – The Documentary

An excerpt from a documentary based on the many lives of Ellis Taylor, writer, alien abductee, experiencer, tarot practitioner and maverick Numerosymbologist. This film tells of his encounters and interactions with the Otherworlds and the ‘Others’ that inhabit them. It also details Ellis’ determination to expose the Invisible Darkness that lies within the shadowlands and the shadow government organisations. Ellis is also featured in the upcoming series Don’t Mention the Reptilians.


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10th February

Howlin’ at the moon: News & Features

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Eyes Wide Shut


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My December 2002 article on Eyes Wide Shut

More Eyes Wide Shut

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The discovery of Sarah’s painting.

Précis from my book, Dogged Days


On 5th July 2000, 5 days after Sarah vanished, a picture crammed with occult suggestions, that the Sun newspaper said had been painted by Sarah, was published on page 3. I came across it in odd circumstances.


On that day I was on my way to visit friends in Norfolk and arrived in Norwich very early in the morning hoping to find a café open. I was a little early for that but the garage next door was open so I decided to buy a drink and something to read from there. The only newspaper on show was the Sun, which is not a paper that I would buy but under the circumstances. When I queried the shop assistant about it he told me that he didn’t know why but it was the only newspaper that had arrived that day. Back in the car, when I flicked through the pages, I could not believe what I was seeing; I felt a chill, one that has never left me to this day when I think about it. As soon as I could I made sure that the presence of this painting was known around the world.



I’m told the painting only appeared in that first edition of the Sun. I have been unable to verify if this is true. If anyone can help in confirming if this was the case, please let me know.


Ellis Taylor

From the chapter: Claiming Our ‘First Born’

An excerpt from my 2006 book, In These Signs Conquer.

From the chapter: Claiming Our ‘First Born’




The Darkness is merciless in its pursuit of the Venii (the venerators), the bloodline of the Venus-faith – humanity. Working through its possessed agents it seeks to destroy and terrify us in every way possible.


Sarah Payne’s Painting


As some readers will be aware I have looked very closely into the occult aspects of perhaps the most depraved of sickening crimes, those against children. Every one of them bears the hallmarks of this evil presence this work is exposing. In July 2000 a delightful little girl vanished whilst out playing in Kingston Gorse, Sussex.  Sixteen days later her lifeless little body was discovered in a ditch. A builder by the name of Roy Whiting was very soon arrested and charged with her abduction and murder. Somehow the police got a conviction even though there was very little real evidence from what I could see. I’m very glad they did.  Whiting should never have been free anyway having already been jailed for attacking another child six years previously. The little girl he abducted and murdered was Sarah Payne, her name means “Moon Princess of the People”. Roy Whiting means “King White” – “White King” – “Fish-King” or “Fisher-King” – the Maimed King of Arthurian legend. The Maimed King I suggest would be Saturn – Moloch. A Fisher-King reverses Alcyone’s avian aspect the Kingfisher so is contrary to her.


Kingston Gorse (King’s Stone Gorse) easily suggests – White King plant (planet), which again would be Saturn. The name of the village gives the subliminal arrow to and the unconscious attraction for Roy Whiting. Of extreme concern for me is that shortly before Sarah was so brutally murdered she painted a very disturbing picture. It hung on her classroom wall and after she disappeared was photographed and printed in the Sun, a paper that has as its emblem the red sun – a Saturn symbol. I only came across it by chance and you can see the article and comments I made at the time on my website.51


At the top of the painting is a bristled man, naked under an apron (it appears), and standing between two golden columns. Before him is a black and white chequered floor. On each column is her name ‘Sarah’ written length-ways.  Sarah as I mentioned above means Princess, or Moon Princess; but there is another layer to this. Sarah has written her name thus: SArAH on both columns. Could this be indicating a combination of two names, the small letter ‘r’ denoting this? Could SA represent Saturn and rAH be Ra, the sun? SA is used as an abbreviation for Saturn. If this is the case then SArAH represents Saturn Ra. I know people will be saying it doesn’t mean anything; she was only a child but I disagree. It is also entirely disrespectful to her spirit, which is wiser than any human intellect. As well, not that it makes that much difference, evidence for Saturn’s relationship with the god Ra was discovered on an inscribed fragment identifying Ra-Helios with Cronos, the Greek Saturn. 52


With this in mind the picture now portrays our galaxy – domain (black and white tiles) and tells us, I think, that this domain is ruled over by Ra (the sun) during the day and Saturn during the night. This is reflected on the floor with 35 squares (Saturn) and 35 circles (the sun) drawn in red on the white squares. It is difficult to ascertain how many squares there are in the original painting.  Did the paper cut the bottom off the photograph? I’m going to stick my neck out here and suggest there were either 169 (13×13) or the apparent 143 (13×11).  169 does give us the aforementioned number 16 by natural addition (1+6+9 = 16) but we cannot see 169 squares. What we do know is that there are 13 squares across. At this point may I remind the reader that number 13 is Saturn’s number (1+3 = 4) and that the numerological value of the name Saturn is 11 (1+1+9 = 11). The name Moloch, as it is spelt in the King James Bible, also has a numerological value of 11. (Number 11 describes polarity, dualism and opposition.) The latter suggestion of 143 squares (11×13), whether there were originally 169 or not, is in my view the most potent; simply because this is the one that was brought into the public domain. The individual numbers 1, 4 and 3 relate to the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter (his son). We also see the Saturnian 4 enveloped in His number 13.  Together the numbers add to 8, which although recently ascribed to Pluto is a factor of 4 and therefore a Saturnian number. Number 8 describes a shared domain, power, spheres of influence, time, so 143 is an appropriate number when viewed with the other essentials thus far described in the painting.  Sarah’s body was discovered 16 days later on 17th July 2000, an 8 day (1+7= 8) and an 8 date.


There are 74 (7+4 = 11) squares that are not drawn upon; 73 completely black squares and 1 all-white square. Sarah’s first name totals 73 and then adds to 10, which when combined with the white square shows 101; a possible further replication of the man between the two columns. Adding 10 to 1 we achieve 11, the two columns again and the numerological value of Moloch – Saturn.  Number 73 is the 4th so-called Star Number, a geometric pattern forming a centred hexagram (it looks similar to the layout of a Chinese checkers board).


The apron which the man in the painting is wearing has 33 studs. This sacred number 33 is regarded as a number of completion and perfection, attainment.  In Freemasonry there are 33 steps or degrees and the number equates to the letter G. Child abuse, sacrifice and a need to make ones voice heard are all described by the esoteric number 33. In common with the cosmic theme of the painting, number 33 has the factors 3 and 11 which are the relative sizes of the Moon and the Earth.


There is something in the man’s left hand which I haven’t been able to ascertain. It could be a book or a wand, perhaps some other implement. I have received several suggestions including a cigar, a bottle, some mysterious occult torture device, and a trowel mostly from people who think that the painting portrays a Freemasonic lodge. I did have several emails from people who said they were or are Freemasons. One lady correspondent, from the Eastern Star, said that the picture was the subject of an investigation within Freemasonry, but I didn’t hear anymore about that.


Sarah’s painting has a definite otherworldly feel to it as if there’s some dimensional slip happening. And what is that to the side of the man’s right leg and painted in the skin tone? This painting has been up on my website almost since it was made public by the Sun newspaper on 5th July 2000. It has probably received more attention than any other page, many tens of thousands I’d guess. People have mailed me about it from all over the world yet I haven’t had one from anyone who knew Sarah or knows the painting.


A person bearing or living through the number 4, and its associates, attracts Saturn’s attention. This was disastrous for little Sarah and her loved ones.  The numerological value of Sarah Payne totals 160 (16) and she was born on the 13th October 1991, a 13 day and a 7 date. This was the anniversary of the simultaneous assault on the Knights Templar in France in 1307. She was abducted and probably murdered on 1st July 2000, Princess Diana’s (another Moon Princess) 39th birthday. She had been playing dinosaurs! The number of the day (1) accords with the numerology of Sarah’s first name. Sarah’s body was found near to the A29 road. Saturn relates to number 29 because it matches a Saturn year of 29.4 years. (Remember how the Tiahuanacan year lasted 290 days?). 29 is another number that frequents these crimes and other tragedies. It is a very emotional number, one of great love and compassion, a Goddess vibration. Sadly it can mean “Loss of a loved one”. People born on the 29th of the month or living with the number may understand this.


I wonder, was Sarah predicting the manner of her own death? Was it purely an unconsciously motivated portrayal? How would a young 8-year-old girl know about these things; because they are there? I’d say, looking at her numbers she was a psychic little soul with a glorious imagination, and I bet she loved mysteries and magic, even more than most kids. I bet she saw fairies and fairy castles, star dust and carriages. She really saw them! She saw monsters too.


A wonderful energy comes from Sarah’s photographs and I’m sure she was an angel, a real one, a messenger from heaven who with this painting bequeathed us a priceless gift; the ability to see the invisible.


Real vision is the ability to see the invisible.
~ Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels


52.        W.  H.  Roscher, ‘Planeten’, Ausführliches Lexikon der griechischen und römischen Mythologie, I-, Leipzig, 1902-1909

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6th February

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If you believe that psychiatrists are kind people who help you solve personal problems by talking to you, prepare to be surprised. At one time some psychiatrists actually did this. It was called “psychoanalysis” and was quite time consuming and also quite expensive. However, Dr. Peter Breggin [1] notes that all this changed around the time frame of the late 1960’s when the biological model — which is the current model — was introduced. This model asserted that it was useless to talk to patients, because their problems were due to some “chemical imbalance” in their brains, which could only be corrected with drugs.
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Fourth February

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Happy Imbolc everyone!

The sun reached 15 degrees Aquarius at 9.30 this morning. You should be feeling inspired.

I know I often bang on about the folly of marking or celebrating the Cross-Quarters by the days of the Empire’s contrived calendar but it’s important. The timing is out so your synchronisation with nature is out too. Not only that, by celebrating anything according to calendar dates means we are paying homage to the Empire. Cross-Quarter days are some of the dates where we can actually not fall in line with its dictates. As everyone who pays heed to these moments know, it is actually the eve (the true beginning of a day) when the attunement is best begun.

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2nd February

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I awoke on Monday to a text. Ziggy Stardust has died. It was cryptic, but I knew what it meant. Bleary eyed, I rolled over, switched my computer on, hit the Internet and sure enough, Bowie had left the planet. And then it hit me; Friday’s show, his birthday, the chart. I talked about Bowie’s death. It was in there. I saw it, didn’t want to see it, but I saw it. After decoding his transits, I said, “Let’s appreciate him while we can.”

Then the texts and FB messages came in, “OMG you called it on your show.” It’s strange to have had that moment in time last Friday and gazed into the wheel. I had been connected to Bowie from the first time I heard, then saw him.
So Long David, Seeing Your Passing, On the Day of Your Sun

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31st January

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